FF Kontes

FF Kontes WonKyu Day 1013

1st Win The Unconcious by Lullaby.Dick

2nd Win Almost Is Never Enough by Siwonniesm

3rd Undefined by JoanBabyKyu

A Winter Lullaby by Ellodie

Love Me Please by wonviekyu

Stupid Couple by Emi

Deja-vu Distorted by n4ok0

Illusion by YunheeWKS

JOEULT’ENDE by Cho Anggra

Love and Happiness by Lana

Miracle of Thousands Paper Cranes by indyloveskyu23

My Maid by Lettha Choi

Change My Destiny by @RT_Dhillalla

I Think I’m in Love by SitabyKyu

Always Love You by WonKyu TaoRis


WonKyuCorp 1st Anniversary

 The Binder Destiny

Wave Of Destiny


All Of Me

One Letter

Mungkinkah Ku Jatuh Cinta?


Lies Das Leben

Meet After Break Up

Don’t Be Happy


FF Kontes WonKyuCorp 2nd Anniversary

The Faith by Kakagalau (1st Winner)

I Want Your Love by Loezia (Runner-up & Favorite)

Reset by Agasshii

Let’s Not Falling in Love by Joanbabykyu

Sakura Nagashi by n4ok0

What Is Smell by ApolDes

Can’t Say Goodbye by Choi Alfi

Love Is Coming by Sita

The Story Of Us by Novi Cho

Retrouvailles by Studangmonkey

Romeo dan Juliet by Mojil (momoji.leaf)