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Kyuhyun’s father’s letter to Kyuhyun

Kyuhyun’s father’s letter to Kyuhyun

To my son!

In this world there is no child that isn’t precious.
Of course there also isn’t a child that isn’t special.
But today, you are a bit special.
Today, Dad is very happy because of you.
The dream you’ve anticipated for so long is no longer just a dream.
Today, you release a solo album under your name. People – no, although it is those who love and care for you like your parents do who help you up the charts, it’s still a day that acknowledges you, how happy a day is it today!

In 2nd year of high school, you said you wanted to become a singer
After listening to you recording a song, 1 person yet taking up 2-3 people’s roles for harmony then doing it in different versions,
To make you give up on your dream, Dad went to check the fees for recording albums. Even if invest a lot, success rate is only 2%. Because of this, you gave up on your dream.
At that time, although Dad was thankful, I felt like I owe you something.

But when you got into that car accident and was knocking on death’s door, that (releasing album) was Dad’s biggest regret.
The surgery had to pierce your throat, but Dad wanted to protect your voice and decided (to use another treatment), they said you could die, but I still insisted.
When you were in your coma, Lee representative from SM rushed to see you, and promised us parents that even if you cannot sing anymore, SM will develop you to be an actor, but Dad and Mum just wanted you to live.
After that, you slowly recovered, and the thing you wanted to do most was to participate in SJ’s 2nd album since you couldn’t do the 1st one.
So even though you were injured you attended practice with a bag attached to your waist. When you heard members say there is a weird smell, you stopped eating so you didn’t need to use the bathroom. Seeing you like that, Dad and Mum couldn’t hold back and cried secretly.

But, son!
After 10 years of waiting, the album you released, it counts as our whole family’s dream.
Thinking of you never even sharing this surprise with parents,
Today after listening at the showcase then we learnt that actually you’ve been working hard for your dream, preparing by yourself for years~
At the autumn showcase, listening to the songs from your album, feeling that my son uses his sorrowful tone singing a song that’s about regrets in love in autumn, Dad didn’t feel moved only as a father, but as a fan.
Son, whatever Dad couldn’t do for you, SM did it so must be thankful, and also be appreciative of your fans who had the same dream for you and helped you bring it up the charts.

You had 2 musicals and group activities since beginning of the year so you were tired, and said you wanted to rest in the second half of the year. But you took a bank loan and set up the Myeongdong guesthouse. WIthout saying a word, you then invested in your next task, seeing you I can only feel apologetic.
You just came back from Thailand, but today you spent a whole day doing those, I think it’s amazing.
Your solo autumn showcase, Super Show world tour and musical, you must be so tired so as your father I want to say something to you
The solo album you’ve anticipated for so long is already out, and your fans have actively pushed it up charts, so now you can be at ease.
Even if it doesn’t get #1, you have to feel contented that you have something under your name. Even if people lose their interest in you, don’t be disappointed.
You’re already a person belonging to the public
Not just a son at home
I hope you grow as a person while earning the respect of the public.
I love you son-


Chinese trans cr 在光化門_cup
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4 thoughts on “Kyuhyun’s father’s letter to Kyuhyun

  1. Terima kasih appa cho telah membiarkan kyuhyun untuk terus mengejar mimpinya…memang ada masa dimana kau mengecam dan melarang mimpinya..tapi kau menyesali itu sekarang..dan kau berusaha untuk meminta dokter agar suara emas kyuhyun dapat terus terdengar..kau menolak ketika dokter berkata padamu agar kau berhenti berharap…sekarang lihatlah dia yg kau banggakan berdiri menyanyi dibawah namanya sendiri(bukan berarti dia melepaskan saudara2 yg berjuang bersamanya selama ini)tapi dia berjuang sebagai kyuhyun super junior….terima kasih appa cho…😊😊😊😊

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